Matric Re-write Centre

This course is aimed at students who want to upgrade their Matric symbols on a full time or part time basis. One on one help can be arranged. Students who has never written grade 12 but wishes to obtain a Senior Certificate are encouraged to contact the campus near them and get information on how they may obtain Matric certificate because you are welcome. The following options are available for you:

Old Syllabus/ Academic

The Senior Certificate (SC) popularly known as Old Syllabus is being phased out and replaced by the National Senior Certificate (NSC). Old Syllabus was scheduled to be phased out in May/June 2011 but has since been brought back by the Department of Education due to popular demand until May/June 2014. Students who want to write this Old Syllabus can do so between now and 2014 in May/June and is not written in Oct/ Nov. Candidates must be 22 years and older. Grade 11s are welcome.

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N3 Technical Matric

These National career-oriented qualifications are very popular with the private sector. It is expected of the students to attend classes regularly and to obtain a trimester mark of at least 40% per subject. Matric Rewrite through N3 takes a minimum of three months. N3 subjects are easier compared to the accademic subjects. You can choose as many subjects as you can per trimester. One can choose to replace old syllabus subjects with N3 subjects to get a Senior Certificate. In this Matric syllabus there is no age restriction. Grade 11s are welcome.

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NB:Please note that one can choose subjects from both syllabuses (academic and N3) and then combine them to be awarded a senior certificate

National Curriculum Statement (NCS/OBE)

This is the new syllabus which has replaced the old syllabus. The examinations are only written in Oct/ Nov every year. Only rewriters are welcome in this syllabus. Full-time and part-time classes are available. One can only enrol for the subjects failed and appearing on the previous statement i.e no new subjects (Only JHB Campus allows candidates to change subjects e.g from Maths to Mathematics Literacy). New Grade 12 are free to visit our High School on for more information.

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2014 Announcements at Whitestone FET College


*Engineering studies exam registration for November 2014 is now open. Old syllabus students, take this opportunity to complete your matric this year in four months.Closing date 19 September 2014

*May/June (Old Syllabus) individual timetable will be out anytime from now. Keep focusing on your studies. This is the last time old syllabus will be written. Remember to pay your school fees.

*Management studies preliminary registrations have been released by DHET. Approach your examination to check if all your details were captured correctly by the DHET. Clossing date to check the preliminary registrations is 11 April 2014.

*Please check the calender. Term 1 ends on the 17th of April.

*Whitestone College-Klerksdorp Campus Orientation is on Friday the 7th of February 2014. All learners to wear College T/Shirt.

*Whitestone College 2014 academic calendar is now available on the website home page

*Matric Rewrite Old syllabus and Technical Matric/N3 classes have commenced in all our Campuses. Visit the Campus and get your study timetable.

*The 2014 Whitestone College academic calendar has is now available on the website. Download and familiarise with the most important dates.

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